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Recent production: Sia ft. Miguel and Queen Latifah “Satisfied”

I was recently asked to contribute some drum programming, guitars, synths, and additional production to “Satisfied” from the Hamilton Mixtape. Check it out below!

Assassins Creed Trailer

It landed! I was lucky enough to get a song I produced and co-wrote with Austin Jenckes and Chris Roberts placed in the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster. Check it below!

BTS “Begin” production/co-writing

BTS (Bangtan Boys – S. Korea) recently cut a song I produced and co-wrote with David Quinones. Check it out here and on spotify/itunes etc.

Recent production: Svrcina “Island”

This production is aimed for TV/Film licensing. The goal was to create an intense listening experience without using drums. Mission accomplished?

Recent Production – Lacy Cavalier – Savin ‘ Pennies, Payin’ Dues

I had the pleasure of producing Lacy Cavalier’s latest EP “Savin’ Pennies, Payin’ Dues” earlier this year. I had some help from my friends! Wes Little on drums, Dan Hochhalter on Fiddle, and Adam Hucke/Ben Reece/Aaron Chandler on Brass. I ended up playing bass, acoustic guitars, electrics, mandolin, dobro, synths, pedal steel, piano, and all the drum programming. I also tracked, edited, and mixed the album. Mastering was smoked by my good friend Nathan Dantzler at Hitlab. Please check out the album!

Recent Production – “Listen” by Claire Guerreso – featured on “The Royals”

I’m excited about this! I produced and co-wrote this song with my amazingly talented friend, Claire Guerreso. It will be featured on “The Royals” on the 12/20/2015 and 1/2/2016 episodes! I played all of the instruments, recorded, mixed, and mastered the song.

Recent production – Lacy Cavalier

Lacy Cavalier recently released her single “Put You Down.” I produced, mixed, mastered, engineered, and played all the instruments on this record. Look out for her video on CMT Pure!

Flame – “Forward”


I recently had the pleasure of mixing songs on Flame’s new album. He’s a strong dude with a great message. Check it out on Spotify/Itunes/etc!

Sarah Bollinger “Tangled Roots” EP

New music from Sarah Bollinger is on the way this year! I had the pleasure of co-writing, playing guitar, producing, and mixing this project. Look for a single each month until the album is completed in December.

Some Thoughts on Music and Perfectionism

Music is about mistakes, rawness, creativity, happy accidents, trying new ideas, and failing. Just like life. Some of my favorite recordings by Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead all have noises, clicks, pops, mis-hits, and bad-notes.

Listen to the beginning of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin. The kick drum pedal is squeaking throughout the entire song, and it’s beautiful. Bonham and the band push and pull with the slow tempo. It makes me feel like I’m sitting on the floor behind him in the recording studio while he’s playing drums. I can smell the booze and whatever else was wafting around the studio. I can feel the groove. I feel it down in my soul, so much that it gives me goosebumps.

That’s what makes these recordings “human”, and that’s one of the reasons I love them. Listeners can hear “mistakes” and consciously or subconsciously realize that the person playing or singing on those recordings is a human just like them, and “imperfect” just like them. It creates a bond between the listener and the artist that says “BE PART OF MY SONG.”

Don’t get me wrong here.. I’m not making an excuse for me and everyone else with a computer and a digital I/O to release a shoddy recording, poorly crafted songs, or a bad performance. I’m simply stating that when you’re in the thick of something you’re passionate about, it doesn’t always happen or sound like you think it’s supposed to or how you “hear” it in your head.

It’s not always “perfect”. But that’s what makes it good. In my opinion, the “imperfections” and “mistakes” NEED to have heart, years of practice time, skill, and sweat behind them. That’s what makes them endearing. That’s what invites the listener into the song on that extra level.

During my career (especially since moving to Nasvhille) I have questioned my ability as a producer, mixing engineer, instrumentalist, and writer. I’ve wondered if my skill levels were good enough to compete in the real world. Just like the Led Zeppelin recording, I am also imperfect. I get emotional, frustrated, and doubtful just like anyone else. That’s a part of being a human.

But, the fact is, I love music and the process of playing, recording, and mixing it. I love it so much that I can not see myself doing anything else. I know many of you feel the same way.

Just like music, life is about learning and connecting with people. It’s about little victories, and big defeats.

A good friend of mine often uses the phrase “dare to suck.” So.. I hope we all get our asses handed to us every now and then doing something we love, because that means we are trying and living full lives. Lives full of imperfection, and full of soul!